Totes to Go!

Totes to Go are thematic resource units specially designed for teachers, home-schoolers, and parents looking for a handy and exciting way to explore topics in depth with their students.  Totes can contain books, DVD's', activities, and other resources.   Materials in each tote are geared toward a specific age range so that teachers can use them easily in the classroom.  For check-out convenience, there is only one barcode per tote.  

Available Totes

Dino-Crazy--Suggested Ages 3-8

Down on the Farm, Volume 1 & 2--Suggested Ages 3-7

Future Illustrators of Ohio--Suggested Ages 9-12

Go Go Go Transportation--Suggested Ages 3-7

Horsing Around--Suggested Ages 9-12

Learning to Read--Level 1, 2, 3

Let’s Go To the Zoo--Suggested Ages 5-8

Let’s Talk About Time--Suggested Ages 5-8

Love a Mystery? Love a Drama?--Suggested Ages 9-12

Polar Pals--Suggested Ages 3-8

The Big Box of Stories--Suggested Ages 3-8

The Story Box --Suggested Ages 3-8

Under the Sea, Volume 1 & 2--Suggested Ages 3-7